The Month of May…. What can we say….

As we keep up with the trend of laser-cutting / foiling designs mixed and twisted into one we have had a large interest in these designs and ideas. With also owning our own cutting machine at Keen Eye Designz we now offer the stick in pockets so you have the joy of a laser cut outer, joined with a pocket style inside to hold all extra information cards for the BIG DAY.

On another note we are getting ready for the August ALL EVENTS expo which is held by Ebridal at the Perth Convention Centre on the 20th and 21st August from 9am-5pm. We will be brining a whole new style and approach to this expo so our future clients will be able to purchase samples of all our different designs and styles. On the day discounts and offers will be available AND we will be launching our Cristina Re High Society Tea Collection which will be able to purchase on the day or place orders for collections and to make this launch even better buyers will receive a 15% discount. So save these dates in your calendar, come down and support Keen Eye Designz the creative creatures.

For the Online side of the business we have been working hard to launch our online ordering for stationery, DIY, scrapbooking and our high society tea range. With this in mind we have been building up our Facebook and instagram followers to help spread the wonderful designs and inspirations which happens within Keen Eye Designz… Our hard work and dedication is showing wonderful promise as we have reached over 200 followers on instagram and 2500 on Facebook. To top it off all our reviews on Facebook are all a 5 Star rating as all our clients are over the moon with our work and service.

On the Corporate side of the business Keen Eye Designz has been working on large projects for New clients which have joined the Keen Eye Designz family from corporate packaging which will been in Bunnings by the end of this month, Legal clientele which we designed All corporate stationery, website, social media and signage. One thing we love at Keen Eye Designz is having the joy of seeing a new client strive to the best through our hard work in the design and identity of the business and all they have to give.

Now we are leading into the end of the financial year and a lot of new designs will be realised this month I’m excited to see what June 2016 has in store for us and our wonderful clients.

Keen Eye Designz