Emma Belleville

Emma Belleville

Senior Graphic Designer | Marketing | Animator

After years of study and work in the creative industry i like to think i lead the way in my creative projects, I believe I’m always learning and welcome new and improved methods of design. Having never been the type to settle with second best I believe all design and creativity is born in unique ways and to always think outside of the box. With the development of my styled design process to perfectly reflect the clients brief and design needs i have received very special accolades from my clientele. With my experience in the creative industry i have developed my twist and style which reflects in all my work produced.


  • Crt 3 in pre-press and graphic arts
  • Crt 4 in Web Design/coding
  • Crt 4 Graphic Design
  • Diploma Graphic Design
  • Diploma Marketing
  • Advance Diploma Graphic Design

After the years of hard work with my studies and freelance/studio work within the graphic and print industry for 9 years I’m now the senior designer for Keen Eye Designz along with managing and creating the design work for Ironclad, Australia wide.

Graphic Design

  • Creativity and Design 100%
  • Advertising 95%
  • Web Design and Programming 80%
  • Illustration 95%
  • Adobe Indesign 100%
  • Adobe Illustrator 100%
  • Adobe Photoshop 90%
  • Printing and Prepress 90%
  • Corporate Design 95%
  • Printing and Prepress 90%
  • Experience 85%


  • Market Research 80%
  • Marketing Mix 75%
  • Market Trends and Development 85%
  • Planning Direct Marketing Activities 85%
  • Online and Social Media Marketing 85%
  • Print Media Marketing 90%
  • Time Management 90%
  • Team Leader 90%
  • Experience 75%
  • Client Relations 75%
  • Customer Service 90%


  • 3DS Max 40%
  • Adobe After Affects 80%
  • 2D Animation 40%
  • Concept and Design 80%
  • Character Creation 80%
  • Experience 30%
  • Storytelling 50%
  • 3D Animation 40%
  • Video Editing 40%
  • Experience 20%
  • Team Player 90%

Time Management

I pride myself on time management as turnaround time on design, web, animation and printing is crucial, wether the deadline as breathing room your sleeve or a very tight time schedule I always accommodate to all my clients needs and expectations.

Innovative Design

I believe a graphic/creative designer is a unique creature, not only does mankind envy our ability to be creative and think of new ways for design and creativity. We are sort out as we don’t just draw pretty pictures we design master pieces to help build a business.

Advanced Technology

I have been taught in all the relevant programs for the creative industry as to give clientele the best of the best, as I pride myself on outstanding quality it is in my best interest to always be up to date with technology.

Clear Communication

From years of work in the creative industry my communication with the clientele and design time is clear and delivered with ease,  as a creative individual I have had to fight for my work to explain to reasoning behind the design.


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